02 May


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Positive social change through cultural arts education. Educate students about music, art and dance from various cultures all over the world. Inspire students to discover their own uniqueness through the arts and by doing so, allowing them to understand the interconnectedness and importance of culture and the arts in today’s world.



  • To implement a 9 day music, art and dance camp at the Griffis Sculpture Park

• Preregister 40-50 students of all ages to attend

• Supply world class arts education in the form of interactive workshops, lectures, group activities and performances

• Arrange for transportation from the Slyboots School to Griffis Park

•We will offer a network of instructors skilled in a wide variety of topics with a focus on direct experience, including topics ranging from:

• Literacy – including creative writing, performance and poetry, storytelling, bookmaking, and public speaking

• Music – including Music for Everyone, percussion, folk music, electronic music, singing, improvisational ensemble , and performance craft.

• Dance & Movement – Yoga, Circus Arts (juggling, hooping, slack-rope), swing/hip-hop dance, and bicycle riding

• Art – Found art, Natural Art, Drawing, Painting, Media, Video production, light photography, and pottery

• Science & Math – Exploratory Science, Builders Math (structures & vessels), architectural exploration, and bicycle mechanics


Session Dates and Times

August 2nd & 3rd- Opening Ceremony/Registration 12-4pm

August 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8- Slyboots Summer CAMP

August 9 & 10- Closing Ceremony/SLYFEST 9

Registration Process

The cost of attending one 5-day session is as follows:

$150 per student

$ 200 per student with transportation

+$50 for Extended  Day 9am- 6pm


*A limited number of scholarships are available. Please call the Slyboots School of Music, Art & Dance in the event of financial hardship.


For more information download the Application Form HERE